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5 questions with… ArtFacts.Net

Charts and contemporary art. ArtFacts.Net search for information about artists and exhibitions to create a visualization of artists’ career. Marek Claassen, director of Artfacts talks about sellection, exhibition and information.

Marek Claassen, ArtFacts.Net

Marek Claassen, ArtFacts.Net

1: ArtFacts.Net works with one of the more powerful databases -maybe the most powerful one- within contemporary art. You are dealing with a very important amount of information. How do you manage this level of information?

Marek Claassen: We have three main sections of information retrieval: 1-Our editors monitor art institution websites around the world, and copy and paste relevant exhibition information into the ArtFacts.Net back office system. 2-Users report missing content, mainly exhibitions and institutions, via forms or direct mail to our editorial team. 3-The editors then validate and process the information into the ArtFacts.Net back office system. We physically visit archives, libraries, or purchase books about exhibitions, then extract the information needed and process it into the ArtFacts.Net back office system

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