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Banks of images, archives, reproduction of codes and the multiple layers in a reality understood under a variety of possibilities. João Laia interviews the artist Diogo Evangelista. Evangelista presented work at Pedro Cera‘s booth at ARCOmadrid2014.

Bodily visions, double images and archetypes. Interview with Diogo Evangelista

Diogo Evangelista. Sunset, 2013

Diogo Evangelista. Sunset, 2013

João Laia: Throughout your practice you have been privileging the use of common, everyday images, sometimes almost visual clichés. Could you comment and explain your interest in this universe?

 Diogo Evangelista: I believe the most inexplicable mysteries to be found in the more ordinary and sometimes most obvious places. My objective is always to simplify. I start with what’s more easily accessible, magazines and especially the web: youtube, wikipedia and google among others.

In a way the travel is always interior. I am interested in examining where these neglected images can take us, in exploring what they hold inside and what they can trigger in us.

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